DonorPanel accept online donations on any website

How DonorPanel Works

This is as easy as it gets for accepting online donations from your website.

Install Quickly & Easily

DonorPanel is a secure, web-based donation window where your donors can manage their one-time and recurring donations to your organization. Sign up, upload a banner, set your colors, and copy and paste our code into your website. Like magic, your DonorPanel is instantly available!

Stay Safe and Secure

DonorPanel is completely hosted on our servers behind 2048-bit encryption, a rock-solid PCI compliant infrastructure, and database encrypted to protect your donor and transaction data. But, everything works within a secure window that opens directly from your website, so no need to purchase SSL certificates or additional provisions for PCI compliance.

Real-time Processing

One-time donations are processed the second they are made. Recurring donations (which we call Giving Plans) are processed at 6am every morning. We integrate seamlessly with AuthorizeNet and PayPal Pro. All you need to provide is your API information and your DonorPanel is processing those credit cards immediately. AuthorizeNet clients also enjoy integration with eCheck for ACH contributions.

Manage Your Donors

DonorPanel comes with the complete suite of NetMinistry tools, including a full-featured relationship management system. Import your donors, manage their information, correspond with them through our system for better tracking, and mass communicate with them any time. Pull giving receipts and report on giving history. It's all there in one solution.

Free Installation Assistance

DonorPanel enables you to configure and install it in seconds on your own, even if you have no HTML experience. But we are also here to help you, regardless of what platform you website is on. Just let us know you need help using our Raise My Hand tool, and our team will respond like superheros.

Phone & Online Support

When you need help, we're available online 24/7 and by phone Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm ET. Our team can help you with any aspect of DonorPanel, whether its in the configuration, installation, or usage of the service. We are here to serve you!

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