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Page Layout Services

Page Layout Services

Our team of talented content layout specialists can take your prewritten information and combine them with photos and images to make professional looking pages.
$25.00 / Page
Webpage To Create/Change:

A Closer Look

Our content layout services provide the basic service of professional typesetting for your text, photos, and graphics on a page. The service does not include creative design, but does include sizing and optimization of any images used as well as professional visual treatment of your text.
When providing us with your content, please provide:
  • The text you want us to place on the page along with any instructions;
  • Up to 5 pictures or graphics you would like us to work into the content layout.
If you do not have any pictures or graphics, but would like the page to have some sort of imagery, please feel free to choose images from ShutterStock.Com and provide us with the image numbers. Again, please do not provide more than 5 images as excessive images will be ignored.
Once the information is received, the service generally takes 3-5 business days to deliver. Upon completion, we will send you a link to the page asking for any corrections needed to the work performed. We will perform any corrections to the content layout and finalize the project. Please note, this does not include changes to the information or images provided. If you need to change or make corrections to what you provided to us, you may do so yourself through our online Content Manager, or a price will be quoted for the additional work.
For more images and creative treatment of your page, please see our Advanced Page Layout service.